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  • Floatingboots in spring
  • Renergade Viper mud
  • hoefschoenen Cavallo trek green hoofboots
  • Hoefschoenen Equine Fusion All Terrain Ultra hoofboots
  • Equine Fusion Trekking fitted by HoofWear

Most sold products

  1. HoofWear's choice
    Floatingboots hoefschoenen bij Hoofwear
    Floating Boots
    Per Piece
    As low as €109.95 €90.87
  2. HoofWear's choice
    Equine Fusion active hoefschoen Hoofwear
    Equine Fusion Active
    Per Pair
    As low as €222.50 €183.88
  3. Scootboot hoefschoenen hoofwear
    Per Pair
    As low as €210.00 €173.55
  4. Zwarte renegade viper hoefschoen
    Renegade Viper
    Per Piece
    As low as €127.09 €105.03

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  • Equine Fusion Active product of the year 2019
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Hoof specialist Klaas Feuth

  • Specialist
  • "Hoof shoes are the hoof protection of the 21st century, they provide support without obstruction, provide good cushioning and grip, move with the hoof and are only used when needed." Hoof specialist Klaas Feuth is the face behind HoofWear, thanks to his experience HoofWear is not just an online store but an online specialty store!"

More than 15 years of experience with hoof shoes

    HoofWear.com is the Netherlands first and only online shoe store for your horse and came about after years of experience in hoof shoes and hoof health in horses. HoofWear aims for the most complete assortment of quality shoes for horses ..
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