Soft-Ride Gel Orthotics

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Per: Per Paar
Merk: Soft Ride
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Soft Ride Standard Gel Orthotics are sold in pairs and are available in two different densities and are designed for everyday use. The Specialty Gel Orthotics are sold in pairs and are designed for specific, therapeutic uses when treating injuries.

  • Standard, turquoise gels are included with every Soft-Ride boot in sizes 2 through 7.\
  • Specialty, purple gels are our softest orthotics and are standard in our smallest Soft-Ride boots in sizes 8 through 10.
  • Orange specialty gel orthotic are a medium gel and ideal for larger, heavier horses.
  • The purple/turquoise specialty gel orthotic is ideal for use on horses with laminitis.
  • The orange/turquoise specialty gel orthotic is ideal for use on larger, heavier horses with laminitis, or to provide a smaller angle of the hoof to relieve tendon tension.
  • The Orange / Yellow This "reverse", orange/yellow, specialty gel orthotics features our orange gel on the front half to provide firmer cushioning from the apex of the frog to the toe of the hoof, while our softest, yellow gel on the rear half of the orthotic allows the frog and bars area of the hoof to sink lower, putting the entire foot into a position that is more level with the ground.
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