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Schoenen voor over hoefijzers

  • De enige schoen geschikt in combinatie met hoefijzers
  • Schokdemping tijdens springen en over verharde ondergronden
  • Veiliger gevoel voor paard en ruiter
  • Geen pijnlijke benen geven betere sport prestaties

Osca2 is een schoen voor sportpaarden en recreatie paarden, het is geen vervanging van het hoefijzer maar verminderd de nadelen van het ijzer. Het zijn hoefschoenen voor gebruik icm hoefijzers tijdens het rijden, in de stal of paddock en tijdens transport.

sHs – sport Horse shoes are technical shoes for use in sport or tourism and can be used on open or bar horseshoes. The sHs shoes do not replace the traditional horseshoe but are a useful add-on for specific activities and can be used only if required, only on the front feet or in particular cases on all four. Their elastic and shock-absorbing properties mean they provide protection as well as offering proper adhesion on hard and irregular terrains. This article has been designed to protect, prevent and cure the stresses on the foot and it reproduces the elastic module of the ideal terrain in every situation. They are recommended for competitions or hobby riding as well as for work or training the horse, jumping, endurance, trekking, cross country, walking, carriage driving, training carousels, road riding and work riding. It can be used while the horse is standing on the trailer or in the stable. They can be used on both open and bar shoes.

The sHs shoe consists of four main parts:

  • The shoe is made from compact, resistant and elastic material, with characteristics capable of guaranteeing the best relationship with the ground. The adaptor or shoe interior is made from a soft, adaptable and anatomical material that allows a suitable and universal interface with different types of hooves and the most common types of horseshoe.
  • The plate that prevents the shoe from rotating on the hoof, adjusts to the horse’s own shoe and creates a gap between the two ends of the open, “U” shaped horseshoe.
  • The strap is made from synthetic material and has a metal feed-through buckle and two ring loops, one of which is stapled.

The shoes have an average life-expectancy of 200 hours.
The adjuster will last for an average of 300 hours.
The straps will last for an average of 100 hours.
The amount of wear and tear will depend greatly on the horse, the season, the terrain, the temperature, the geographical area or on how and for what activity the item is used in the main.
The shoes should be replaced when they appear to have become too worn or damaged.
When this happens the product loses its original technical properties.
It is possible to replace any of the worn parts with sHs, replacement parts that will restore the shoe to its original characteristics.

The total weight of the product, depending on its size, is approximately 350 g for each shoe, less than the weight of a human sports shoe.

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