Renegade Pulley Button

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Replacement pulley button (one per package) for Renegade® - Classic and Renegade® - Viper® strap on hoof boots. This part retains the cable within the Heel Captivator. One complete part per package which includes two halves and one stainless steel screw. Two complete parts are required for each hoof boot, four per pair.

For Vipers®, there are two types, generation 1 and generation 2. Generation 1 still comes factory installed on size B Viper® Heel Captivators and may be needed for some older size D Heel Captivators. Generation 2 has been installed on size D Heel Captivators for some time now and has always been so for size F. Generation 2 pulleys will soon be installed on size B as well to completely phase out generation 1, however, generation 1 will remain available here for continued support.

You can determine exactly which generation Viper® pulley you need by measuring the hole diameter in the captivator, where 7/16" (almost a half inch) hole receives generation 1 and 9/32" (a little more than a quarter inch) receives generation 2.

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