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TheraRods are used to add additional density to regions of the TheraPad. Although the majority of horses will find the density of the TheraPad perfect without the TheraRods, the rods can be added to increase the stiffness of the pad. TheraRods allow each TheraPad to be customized.

Place TheraRod in the TheraPad slot. Cut flush with nippers or sharp scissors. Place in areas of the pad where additional support and firmness is needed. Hoof stands on the fabric side of the pad

TheraPad Suggested configurations:

  • A triangle in the heel area to provide more frog support.
  • Load the entire heel area to make the pad a wedge when weighted by the hoof.
  • Load the entire pad but leave an area without rods to make an abscess more comfortable.
  • Load the entire pad to make the pad more firm.
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